Ethical Made Easy Store


See what we did there?

Our valYOU program honours you, your purchases, the planet and its people, and pays homage to the actions you are taking through your transactions. Basically, our valYOU loyalty program is all about you. Dream come true, right?

We know you'll have some questions. Don't fret, friends; we have the answers.

What does it mean?
With our valYOU program, you get rewarded for investing in a more considered wardrobe (or whatever part of the house you’re investing in products for). 

We believe that when you valYOU yourself, you buy with intention, you consider your purchases, and you advocate for a more environmentally and socially responsible future. We want you to valYOU the things you own - and yes, this means reading the care tags
(good thing we’ve got the only ethical care guide you’ll need for your clothes then, right?).

When you valYOU yourself, you buy with intention, and this has a ripple effect not only on yourself and the conversations you have with others, but also through your action as a consumer to advocate for more environmentally and socially just industries. We want you to come to Ethical Made Easy Store and absolutely love on the items you purchase, and we want to say a big old, sloppy, grandma’s-kiss-on-the-cheek thank you.

We do this through our valYOU program. 

How does it work?
All you gotta do is join. Simply click on the little popup on the bottom right with the little bag and heart, create an account and you're in. When you go to purchase from us in the future (yay and thanks and love you) just login and the points will be there for you to redeem. 

I’ve purchased from you before this loyalty program was a thing. Can I get my points backdated?
All of your past un-returned purchases have already been backdated for you. Unless you were in the 0.01% that we somehow missed (due to human error and lack of coffee) flick us an email to and we'll get it sorted for you quicker than you can say "Clare Press is a goddess". 

Do my points expire?
Nope. Just like we don't believe in pineapple on pizza, we also don't believe in forcing you to make a rushed decision on what you buy. For as long as we exist, your points exist. No rushing here. 

Can I use all my discounts at once?
You can grow your discount balance and then choose to redeem in lots of $10, $20, etc. You get the gist.

How do I refer a friend?
Follow the instructions in the tab on the side. It'll give you your own super personalised code, and then they just need to redeem it at checkout in the discounts section. Easy. 

Basically, we valYOU you, your time, your trust, and your belief that a better world does exist. If we could send you 1250 blocks of Alter Eco chocolate to say thank you for shopping more responsibly we would, but our finance guys said we couldn't, so we created our very own loyalty program, just for you. (Alter Eco, if you see this, hmu).