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What started out 2016 as a result of watching The True Cost documentary and feeling frustrated at how difficult it is to find stylish ethical brands, has morphed from an Instagram account, to a blog, to an ethical brand directory, and now an online store making it easy to support brands who are actively creating a better world, all in one place. 

Through careful and conscious curation, we’ve discovered and uncovered the very best ethical and sustainable fashion and lifestyle brands available in Australia and New Zealand to bring you a one-stop-shop for ethical living. 

No more scouring the internet for hours trying to find brands and products that align with your values. No more worrying about greenwashing or questioning whether or not a brand is truly ethical or sustainable—we’ve (gladly) done all the research for you. To save you the research and the headaches of so.many.tabs, we went ahead and made finding brands that align with your values, well, easy (lol).

We’re for those who are new to the ethical fashion world, old hands who’ve been rallying against the evils of fast fashion for the last decade, and everybody in between. We can all play our part in supporting brands that support a better tomorrow.

As Emma Watson says: 

"as consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy."

Image by one of the brands we stock, Selfe Studios. 


We inherently believe that the most sustainable wardrobe is the only you already own.

So why oh why do we have an online store? 

 It’s a bit of a contradiction, isn’t it?

At Ethical Made Easy, we inherently believe that the only way we can move forward and exist on this incredible planet is if we, as a collective global community, act with care and compassion for both our environment and our fellow people. We also believe that where we put our money plays a huge part in voting for the future we want.

We’re realists, though. We acknowledge that consuming less is the first step in pursuing an ethical lifestyle. That’s why we’re proud to include a DIY section on our website that shows you how to care for, mend and dispose of your clothes should that sad day come (RIP). Why? Because life (and stains) happen! 

We also acknowledge that ethical consumption alone isn't going to change the fashion industry; it takes activism, inclusion, diversity, intersectionality and speaking up for those who don’t have a voice to make real and lasting change for everyone in the industry, especially garment workers and the fragile planet we call home.

But as realists, we also know there’s going to come a time when you need to make a purchase. (unless you want to protest for fair wages naked, which we fully support if that’s your thing). Ethical Made Easy Store exists for epic people (such as yourself) who want to invest their money in businesses that generate positive social and environmental change, through timeless, consciously-made pieces that will defy seasons. 

The overall mission of our online store is to connect companies that are setting tomorrow’s standard with people like yourself who care about a better world, and we’re constantly working extremely hard to make this as easy, accessible and inclusive as possible. We’re not perfect, but we’re trying, and we will always continue to improve upon our processes whilst staying true to our core mission and, of course, true to you guys, too.