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ROCC Naturals, a Melbourne-based natural toothpaste company founded by Prue Rocchi, is as conscious about the environment as it is for the health of your teeth.

ROCC Naturals is completely vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free, and their toothpaste is made from naturally-derived ingredients for naturally whiter teeth. B12, mint, green tea and coconut oil are just a taster of the kinds of vitamins and minerals you will find in a single tube of ROCC Naturals toothpaste, and there are no hidden nasties, naughty chemicals, preservatives, sulphates, bleaches or parabens. ROCC Naturals is also totally committed to sustainability: their toothpaste tubes will biodegrade in landfill within six years and won’t turn into microplastics in the process, the ROCC toothpaste caps and boxes are recyclable, and their shelf-ready trays are totally recyclable, too.

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